Taking a Break

Couples worn down by issues within their relationship have often found that a separation is a good way to ease the pressure they feel about being together. They might choose to have a defined legal separation, or one of them might move out of the family home for a few weeks. It would seem their marriage is about to end, but it could be a new beginning. Physical separation might not heal the wounds they have caused each other over their disagreements, but it could give them the chance to ease the burden they feel in supporting their own point of view.

Looking at someone across the breakfast table when a disagreement is active can be an experience that curdles the milk in the coffee, so finding there is no need to look at the other person first thing in the morning can be helpful. Couples experiencing a separation often find it clears the emotional overtones out of their arguments. It is a helpful way for both of them to back down from the overcharged atmosphere of their life, and they can begin to be rational.

Professional help is often a good suggestion for a couple realizing they need a break, and it can give them a chance to sort out their issues. They might find that everything has been bothering them lately, but the core issue is what requires a solution to begin recreating their relationship. Working it out this way might help them negate or get past other additional issues.

It is never easy for two people in a marriage to agree on everything, but those who find deep differences might become overwhelmed with them. Taking a short break physically could help them find the path they need to return to the partnership they once shared, so it might mean the difference between divorce or a long life together.