One Partner’s Unhappiness

Couples in a long term relationship may not realise the burdens life can impose as they move forward, and they can destroy a relationship. A person might be ecstatically happy with the way things turned out, but one partner’s unhappiness with a particular situation could be their undoing. Keeping in touch with each other can help them avoid or at least recognise this type of situation before it severs their bonds. As long as both of them are willing to work toward finding a solution, both of them may eventually feel the relationship is worth keeping.

Adding children to a relationship is often a difficult time for a couple, and it can make or break their relationship. The needs of a newborn baby have often created despair as the lack of sleep add up, and the parent remaining at home may even drop into a depression. Their unhappiness could sour them on the idea of remaining in the relationship, and they will need their partner’s help to make changes that will keep everyone in the family happy.

Remaining at home with a child often means one partner must give up their career, and it may have been a decision both found delightful at first. Realising that old friends and co-workers are no longer part of their life could create friction for the person staying at home. This situation is one where depression can grow quickly, and it should be addressed before it gets worse. Caring for a small child is difficult and demanding, and it should be treated as a major responsibility instead of an expectation.

Recovering from this type of life change often occurs naturally as the child ages, but the relationship might not be as flexible. A couple should find ways to ensure both partners feel they are part of mainstream life in this situation, and that alone will help them nourish their own adult relationship.