One More Try

Couples often go through times of turmoil, but it does not necessarily mean it will end their long term relationship. Some of them have found their bond is stronger when times are tough, but others see their love and ties melting away as life rolls over them. There is often no way to predict how a couple will react to a bad situation, but those harbouring love in their hearts will often give it one more try. They may feel the need to show the world they had a real commitment, or it just might be that they see their partner as a person still worthy of their love.

Reconciling a partnership when something has gone very wrong can follow many different paths. If one partner stepped outside the relationship, they may have to wait until the other person can get past the devastating emotional havoc they have created. Life can turn upside down in an instant, and some couples find a sudden tragedy can drive them away from each other. They will have to find the courage to reach out to one another again before their relationship can be normalised.

Finding that one person fit to be a partner for life is difficult for many, so holding on to them through thick and thin can be important to any couple. They may have lost the passion that began their relationship, but the deep commitment of caring and love could still be there. Buried under the hazards of modern life, it can still be resurrected if they are willing to do the work to help it grow.

Love is a relatively modern concept when it comes to marriage, but it is one that can be sustained throughout a long term relationship. Partners must find ways to appreciate each other as they navigate the difficult parts of their life, and they will often find the person they love most in the world is still their partner.