Defining the Issue

Many couples grow apart over time, but those who have come to the point of breaking off their relationship often have only one large issue that has separated them. It might appear there are many things keeping them from nurturing their relationship, but the majority of them can be traced back to a single event or circumstance. Defining the issue might seem like it should be easy, but many times it has been covered up by the disagreements that came when the couple was trying to dance past their original break.

It might be best for the couple to resort to the help of professionals when they make the decision to try to heal their relationship. Tracking down the core of the problem they are having might seem easy, but emotions often warp memories of events. This fact alone can help to further obscure their discovery and acknowledgement of the real issue they need to solve, so using a professional to help them sort out their feelings can make it easier.

Memories of events are often twisted in the mind of an individual to reflect their point of view, and this could have further separated the couple. While a person might not have a true memory of an event, their partner might believe they are simply lying. This in itself can become an issue over time, and it could be another way to hide the problem keeping them from happiness. Digging deep might be painful, but a neutral third party might have a better chance to help them.

It is never easy for couples to reconcile, and life events are often the cause. Their feelings can be hurt, and their memories might become distorted over time. Defining the issue that originally caused the split is just the first step they must take if they want to successfully continue their relationship.