Continuing Relationship Issues

Partners with a long history often find that the patterns of their life are set from the start of the relationship, and these could result in continuing issues. If one person tends to ignore problems, they might be causing the basis of their future split. The other person will need to acknowledge their support of this type of behavior before they can find a way past it, and the couple will have to decide how they will handle issues to keep them from overwhelming their relationship.

Events are often shocking when they first occur, but people are often able to adjust to almost anything. This can be the kernel of the problem a couple is facing, and it may have sprung from their ability to ignore or put off solving the problem in the first place. If one partner has an addiction, their spouse might have been deeply shocked at first. Over time, their adjustment to this lifestyle could have become commonplace.

The time to have solved their issue might seem obviously to have been when it first surfaced, but emotional attachments often get in the way of rational thinking. Both partners can become complicit in this type of situation, so trying to assign blame or create guilt is worthless. If they want their relationship to continue, they must dig out the root of the issue and find workable solutions. They might decide the addicted partner will try a rehabilitation facility, and the other person could learn how to stop supporting their habit. Or the pair of them might find they are willing to live with the issue temporarily, and they will cope with it over time.

Many times there are solutions that can help a couple rebuild their relationship, but there are times when it is impossible. A person facing their partner’s entrench addiction might have little choice but to save their own life. If this is the case, then moving on quickly could be the best way to escape for good.